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$20 per month

300 AI seconds per month

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$40 per month

800 AI seconds per month

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We currently support payment via credit card.

PixCap’s base editor features are entirely free. The free plan also comes with 30 AI credits every month. Everything you do in PixCap is available for commercial use.

1 AI Credit = 1 second of video capture OR 1 use of image capture. This allows both video and image capture to be used interchangeably.

“Isn’t 1 second of video about 24-30 frames? So why is it the same credits as 1 single image capture?”

Image capture is a lot faster (one second or less), captures finger poses and maps the captured poses directly to your chosen character rig. This is more accurate for complex poses and pose-to-pose animation, a common method in keyframe animation.

There are two types of AI credits: monthly and top-ups.

Monthly credits are determined by your subscription plan and renew every month (e.g. 30 credits per month for free plan, 150 credits per month for professional plan).

Top-up credits are AI credits purchased individually, with a minimum purchase of $5 worth of credits (gives 30 credits). These credits will only be used after all monthly credits have been used. Top-ups are a good way to add credits on-the-fly, though you will generally get more credits per dollar from subscription plans than by purchasing top-up credits.

You will be able to cancel your subscription plan, or make a subscription through your account settings. If there are any questions you may have about your subscription, please contact

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Subscriptions are currently non-refundable.
With that said, if for any reason you’re unhappy with PixCap, please let us know in our forums or contact us directly at
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