3D Animation for Games, NFTs and the Metaverse

PixCap is a web-based editor to easily create 3D animations for games, films and the Metaverse. We ship with AI motion capture, simple character rigs and free 3D assets to help you quickly get started. No downloads, create and share right away. 

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AI Motion Capture

Bring your 3D characters to life using any video source. Upload shots you’ve made or YouTube videos. Our AI captures the keyframes in seconds while retargeting the motion to your character rig.

Everything on Cloud

PixCap is a fully browser-based editor for 3D animation. Our editor comes with forward and inverse kinematics, a powerful graph editor, and easy editing of animation data. No downloads, no installations. Organize and store everything online.

Real-time Team Collaboration

Co-edit, comment, and collaborate on 3D scenes with your team or clients in real-time. Spend less time waiting for renders, emails, and attachments.

Community-powered Animations

Get inspired by full projects and animations from the community, and use them in your work.

Industry Standard Formats

PixCap supports FBX and GLTF, the main industry-standard formats. Import and export to your favorite game engine and 3D software.


“PixCap opened the door to animation for me. I tried animating in Modo3D and Blender but it was too hard. PixCap is way easier and I really like the IK and finger widgets. Now I can animate characters with fingers.”

Rodrigo Z.

Game dev, 5 years Unity

Sam Needham

“PixCap is the best 3d animation software I ever used, this is way faster than any other 3d package. I got the basics of it within 3 or so hours, and with maya it took me weeks.”

Sam Needham

Game artist, 15 years Maya

“My aim/goal is to someday become an animator and be able to create short animated films. I truly believe I can reach that goal using PixCap. Other animation software just haven’t been able to help me get there on my own. Your tool solves so many problems most animation software haven’t come close to solving.”

Michael Pugh

Virtual Intel Youtube Channel

“Amazed at how smooth it is to animate on browser. Animating using AI helped speed my animation by 2x, saving me a lot of time blocking out each animation.”

Nune I.

Animator, worked on Lego TV

“PixCap is a very good program for the animation base, it’s easier and much faster than Maya. The more I use the program I fall in love with the idea of ​​having animation bases and IKs so quickly.”

Emmanuel H.

Animator, 4 years Maya

“I am literally going to make the base of all the animations I do here and then export them to blender.”

Ivan Lucena

3D artist, 5 years Blender user

“The feature of the capturing video to character and editing is the best I ever seen, please keep improving it.”

Ahmed K.

VFX Director, 20 years Maya

“With PixCap I feel we can record ourselves with the key poses and upload the video, obtain the poses with the in-between, and integrate to our workflow. Reducing 70% of our time, because that first step into an animation, is where most of the time is spent.”

Eddy Raul

Director at Motioner Studio

“The AI motion capture option is just outstanding it helps a lot, I’m really really impressed by this app”

Zeeshan S.

3D modeler, 2 years 3dsMax

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