Create 3D Animations Easily.

PixCap is a powerful web-based 3D Animation Editor with AI Mocap, real-time collaboration and easy cloud storage and viewing.

Create 3D animations with AI Mocap.

Create 3D character animations in minutes from any video source – from YouTube or a video you’ve recorded. PixCap’s AI Mocap will capture the keyframes in seconds, and retarget the motion to your character rig.

Work from anywhere. We're on the cloud.

Fully functioning web-based editor with forward and inverse kinematics. Import your 3D models and animations to the editor. Autorig your characters and clean motion capture data. Save and organize your 3D assets on the cloud, all in one place.

Animate in real-time with your team*​​

Collaborate with your team on the same scenes, in real time, from anywhere. No need to wait for renders, emails or attachments to gain feedback. Edit, comment, and review in 3D immediately. Move faster with your team.

Community-powered animation*

Clone projects and animations from the community to blend with your animations. Drag and drop from our sorted and extensive library of animations.

Import and export in your favorite file formats.

PixCap supports industry standard files – FBX and gLTF.

Join our Private Beta! Apply now and get 3 months of PixCap Pro for free.

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